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A Tribute to Matt Clemens


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This page is to credit all of the generous people who helped me out in the making of this site. Thanks, everyone!!!

*links to the credited sites are below the list

- Thank you to Holli and Savannah, for letting me use the fantastic pictures of Matt in "Rue Plumet Attack" (visit their Sutton Foster site - Sutton is a former 3NT Eponine) Thank you both!

- Thank you to Lindsey, who let me use her production photos' scans and her scan of Matt's headshot. Her site,Les Miserables 3NT at the Rue Plumet can be found by following the below link.

- Thank you to the Sutton Foster Media Site, for letting me use the video of Matt and Sutton in "Attack on Rue Plumet" (which, I swear, will be back up on the site soon!), and for providing me with the Les Miscellaneous "By The Sword/Sons of Dixie" photos.

- Thank you to Karen, whose wonderful candid of Matt can be found on the Photos and Media page!

- Thank you to Jessica Jackson, for your great stage door shot, which can also be found on the Photos and Media page.

- Thank you to Michelle for letting me use her fantastic on-stage photo of Matt as the Labourer. Visit her U.S. tour Gallery (see "links")

- Thank you to Karen T., Joy, and Jessica, who wrote such wonderful reviews of Matt!

- Thank you to Kym (visit her awesome Steve Scott Springer page), who helped me so much with the making of my whole page in general. Kym helped to find all of the stuff that I had no clue about, being the "site-making-illiterate webmistress" I am! Thanks, Kym!

- Thank you to everyone who visits this site, your support is greatly appreciated!!

- And, most of all, a big thank you to Matt, without whom there would be no need to make a web page. Thanks for all you do, Matt!

The Official Sutton Foster Site

Les Miserables Third National Tour at Rue Plumet

Sutton Foster Media Site

...Steve Scott Springer...

I am always accepting contributions and advice to make this site as great as it should be! Please e-mail me (just click this link) to send me additions, comments, suggestions, or questions.