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A Tribute to Matt Clemens
Updates (1-27-02)


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January 27, 2002

Added one fan review (thank you to Jessica!)

December 30, 2001

I added one new review (thanks, Joy!), updated the links and credits pages, a few things here and there, and revamped the site's layout! I hope that everyone likes it (the old one was starting to lack...freshness)!

I am very sorry for the recent lack of updates. If you have any reviews, pictures, etc. of Matt that you would be willing to have up on the website, please send them to me at with "Matt Clemens" somewhere in the subject header. Also, in regards to site updates...I'm getting a bit of help. Say hello to Kym, the website's new co-administrator (also webmistress of Steve Scott Springer's site, which can be found on the links page)!

Happy (belated) Holidays and a Happy New Year to you and your families!

September 17, 2001

I updated the credits and contact pages.

I hope that everyone is alright after the events of last Tuesday. I am deeply saddened by the terrorist acts and am left with a sense of vulnerability, fear, and complete shock.

Important notice: I will be seeing Les Miserables many times when it comes to Southern California during the course of October, so if you would like to send me any fan mail for Matt, I will gladly deliver it directly to him. Send any letters to, and include "Matt Clemens" somewhere in the subject header.

August 26, 2001

Added a new candid photo!!

March 26, 2001

Today, I revamped the Photos and Media page so that every picture is in link form (it was starting to look cluttered), and added a new on stage photo of Matt as the Labourer, courtesy of Michelle (U.S. National Tour Gallery, see links page)!! I also updated the tour schedule, added a link, and added another credit of Matt's to "About Matt." My apologies for the large gap in updates. Tripod has not been working on my computer since December.